Seals go 3-1 at Red Land Duals

Seals go 3-1 at Red Land Duals

By: Selinsgrove Athletics | Selinsgrove Athletics | January 14, 2023

LEWISBERRY - Selinsgrove dropped just one match - to Central York High School - in going 3-1 on the day at the Red Land Duals, including a win over the host school in the final dual meet of the day.

Selinsgrove also beat Garden Spot and the York County School of Technology on the day.

Landyn Lukens (127) and Trent Turner (139) won all four matches on the day. Ethan Miller also went 2-0 on the day, picking up falls at 172 pounds.

Selinsgrove Area Hs (SAH) 58.0 Garden Spot Hs (GSH) 6.0
107: Mike Zettlemoyer (SAH) over   (GSH) (For.) 114: Anthony  Snook (SAH) over Matthew Casey (GSH) (Fall 1:36) 121: Nathan  Martin (SAH) over   (GSH) (For.) 127: Landyn Lukens (SAH) over Diego Portales (GSH) (Dec 7-6) 133: Tomo Allen (GSH) over Ryan  Harpster (SAH) (Dec 6-5) 139: Trent Turner (SAH) over Josiah Smucker (GSH) (MD 15-3) 145: Matt Snook (SAH) over Justin Eberly (GSH) (Fall 2:45) 152: Garrett  Paradis (SAH) over Sean Kelch (GSH) (Fall 3:07) 160: Sylvan Martin (SAH) over Christian Smucker (GSH) (Fall 2:17) 172: Jarod Bullington (SAH) over Albert Vega (GSH) (Fall 3:34) 189: Blake Weaver (GSH) over Tucker Teats (SAH) (Dec 3-2) 215: Jack Peters (SAH) over Tyler Hurst (GSH) (Dec 6-0) 285: Steven Miller (SAH) over Mason Musser (GSH) (Fall 1:39)

Selinsgrove Area Hs (SAH) 43.0 Red Land Hs (RLH) 21.0
133: Kyle  Wonders (RLH) over Ryan  Harpster (SAH) (Dec 10-4) 139: Trent Turner (SAH) over Justice  Morgret (RLH) (Fall 3:39) 145: Matt Snook (SAH) over Brandon  Calle (RLH) (Fall 2:32) 152: Marcus  Plever (RLH) over Sylvan Martin (SAH) (Dec 3-2) 160: Garrett  Paradis (SAH) over Connor  Stank  (RLH) (Fall 1:16) 172: Ethan  Miller (SAH) over Josh  Patrick  (RLH) (Fall 1:54) 189: Tucker Teats (SAH) over Caden  Gibson (RLH) (MD 9-1) 215: Bryce Phillips  (RLH) over Jack Peters (SAH) (Dec 7-4) 285: Steven Miller (SAH) over Ethan  Eisner  (RLH) (Dec 4-1) 107: Sam  Culp (RLH) over Mike Zettlemoyer (SAH) (Fall 2:16) 114: Corbin  Hutchison (RLH) over Anthony  Snook (SAH) (Fall 3:45) 121: Nathan  Martin (SAH) over Garrett Anderson  (RLH) (Fall 1:20) 127: Landyn Lukens (SAH) over   (RLH) (For.)

Selinsgrove Area Hs (SAH) 63.0 York Co Sch Of Technology (YCSO) 4.0
114: Anthony  Snook (SAH) over Dylen Godfrey (YCSO) (Fall 0:54) 121: Nathan  Martin (SAH) over Chase Wentz (YCSO) (Fall 1:37) 127: Landyn Lukens (SAH) over Malachi Buer (YCSO) (Fall 0:44) 133: Cohen Butler (YCSO) over Ryan  Harpster (SAH) (MD 9-0) 139: Trent Turner (SAH) over Levi Stevens (YCSO) (Fall 1:00) 145: Matt Snook (SAH) over Nick Creisher (YCSO) (MD 11-1) 152: Sylvan Martin (SAH) over Bryan  Youngblood (YCSO) (Fall 5:16) 160: Garrett  Paradis (SAH) over Blake Burton (YCSO) (Fall 0:44) 172: Ethan  Miller (SAH) over Jonas Kwasnjuk (YCSO) (Fall 0:50) 189: Tucker Teats (SAH) over Kenneth Glover (YCSO) (TF 15-0 2:45) 215: Jack Peters (SAH) over Ethan Markel (YCSO) (Fall 4:10) 285: Steven Miller (SAH) over Pearce Alleyne (YCSO) (Fall 1:29) 107: Cole Lehr (YCSO) over Mike Zettlemoyer (SAH) (Fall 5:59)
Central York Hs (CYH) 46.0 Selinsgrove Area Hs (SAH) 22.0
121: Connor Knight (CYH) over Nathan  Martin (SAH) (Dec 7-2) 127: Landyn Lukens (SAH) over Giovanni Silimperi (CYH) (Fall 1:02) 133: Elias Long (CYH) over Ryan  Harpster (SAH) (Fall 0:46) 139: Trent Turner (SAH) over   (CYH) (For.) 145: Wyatt Dillon (CYH) over Matt Snook (SAH) (Fall 0:42) 152: Kyle Setler (CYH) over Sylvan Martin (SAH) (Fall 3:40) 160: Carter Davis (CYH) over Garrett  Paradis (SAH) (MD 15-3) 172: Macon Myers (CYH) over Jarod Bullington (SAH) (MD 14-5) 189: Tucker Teats (SAH) over Grant Miller (CYH) (Fall 0:49) 215: Jack Peters (SAH) over Ulonnam Ukattah (CYH) (MD 8-0) 285: Ian Scully (CYH) over Steven Miller (SAH) (Fall 2:27) 107: Harris Keares (CYH) over Mike Zettlemoyer (SAH) (TF 15-0 2:10) 114: Cash Twigg (CYH) over Anthony  Snook (SAH) (Fall 3:12)