Schon makes more school history; Seals sending six wrestlers to Regionals

Schon makes more school history; Seals sending six wrestlers to Regionals

By: Selinsgrove Athletics | Selinsgrove Athletics | February 20, 2021

CLEARFIELD — Six Selinsgrove wrestlers earned top-two finishes Saturday at the District 4/9 Class 3A tournament to qualify for next week’s regional tournament.

Coy Bastian (160 pounds) and Nate Schon (285) each won district titles to lead the Seals, who finished third in the eight-team field with 149 points, three behind Clearfield.

Schon's title at heavyweight was the Iowa State-bound wrestlers fourth district title - the first Selinsgrove wrestler to win four district titles. 

Selinsgrove went 4-1 in second-place matches to finish with six qualifiers. Ryan Gavason (113), Aiden Gaugler (132) and Ryan Aument (215) all bounced back after losing the championship bout to win the second-place match. Steven Miller won the third-place match and second-place match at 189.

The matches for true second occurred if the loser of the championship bout had not faced the winner of the third-place bout earlier in the tournament.

Bastian, a senior, needed only 1:34 to pin his semifinal opponent in the Seals’ first match of the day. He followed that with a 15-5 major decision win over DuBois’ Ryan Gildersleeve to win his third career district title.

Schon defeated Shikellamy’s Blake VanKirk by technical fall in the semifinals, and pinned Clearfield’s Oliver Billote in the second period to claim the title. Billote entered the match as the No. 2-ranked Class 3A wrestler at heavyweight behind Schon, and had just one loss.

Gavason received a bye all the way to the finals, but was pinned in his first match of the day. In the second-place match, he beat Bradford’s Devan Poe by 11-5 decision.

Gaugler won his semifinal by technical fall, and lost by decision in the final. He rebounded with a 3-0 decision win over Bradford’s Brett Thompson to place second.

Aument topped Shikellamy’s Adam Young in an ultimate tiebreak, winning by 3-2 decision in the semifinals. After a major decision loss in the final, he beat DuBois’ Zach Gallagher by 3-0 decision.

Miller started his day with a pin in 1:04 in the quarterfinals, but lost by decision to eventual champion Waylon Wehler of St. Marys in the semifinal. Miller then needed only 26 seconds to pin his opponent in the consolation semifinals to reach the third-place match.

Miller pinned Punxsutawney’s Josh Miller in the second period to set up the second-place match against Clearfield’s Hayden Kovalick. Miller won his second straight bout by second-period fall to extend his season.



at Clearfield H.S.

Team standings and key: 1. Williamsport (W) 177.5; 2. Clearfield (C) 152; 3. Selinsgrove (Sel) 149; 4. DuBois (D) 87; 5. Shikellamy (Shik) 74; 6. St. Marys (SM) 69.5; 7. Punxsutawney (P) 32.5; 8. Bradford (B) 25.


106: Alex Reed (Shik) pinned Blake Rising (Sel), 0:40; Evan Davis (C) pinned Isaac Beyer (SM), 0:35; Dysen Gould (P) tech. fall Aubrey Donahue (D), 19-4, 1:35.

126: Trent Turner (Sel) pinned Blaize Souder (Shik), 3:28.

132: Andrew Wolfganger (SM) m. dec. Justin Hand (C), 8-0; Braden Bower (W) pinned Cadin Delaney (D), 1:01; Brett Thompson (B) pinned Charles Keener (Shik), 5:25.

138: Austin Stugart (W) dec. Nick Koontz (Shik), 10-6; Tristan Dilley (SM) pinned Sylvan Martin (Sel), 3:32.

145: Garrett Paradis (Sel) dec. Caleb Yoder (Shik), 5-0.

152: Josiah Foss (Sel) dec. Logan Mosier (SM), 9-8; Coltyn Sempko (Shik) pinned Will Domico (C), 2:54; Brady Smith (P) pinned Andrea Wilmoth (D), 0:20.

160: Wyatt Reorda (C) pinned Kaden Snelick (SM), 3:43; Drew Balestrini (Shik) pinned Cascius Rissmiller (B), 0:53.

172: Gage Wolfe (Shik) pinned Ryan White (D), 4:00; Carter Chamberlain (C) pinned Cale Bastian (Sel), 3:03; Sebastian Robinson (W) pinned Luke Kerr (B), 0:34.

189: Josh Miller (P) pinned Mason Rebuck (Shik), 5:05; Waylon Wehler (SM) pinned Michael Gow (B), 0:25; Steven Miller (Sel) pinned Ryan Dunlap (W), 1:04.

215: Jeremy Garthwaite (SM) tech. fall Zach Gallagher (D), 16-0, 3:59.

285: Charles Crewes (W) pinned Ja’reese Stowe (D).

Consolation of four

106: Isaac Beyer (SM) pinned Aubrey Donahue (D), 1:48.

132: Cadin Delaney (D) dec. Charles Keener (Shik), 6-4, SV.

152: Will Domico (C) m. dec. Andrea Wilmoth (D), 12-0.

172: Cale Bastian (Sel) pinned Luke Kerr (B), 1:43.

189: Ryan Dunlap (W) pinned Michael Gow (B), 1:26.


106: Cael Nasdeo (W) pinned Alex Reed (Shik), 1:32; Evan Davis (C) pinned Dysen Gould (P), 0:43.

113: Luke Seagraves (W) pinned Devan Poe (B), 0:45.

120: Devin Harris (W) dec. Leo Martinez (Sel), 5-1.

126: Carter Weaver (W) pinned Trent Turner (S), 0:41; Brendan Orr (D) dec. Nolan Barr (C), 5-3, SV.

132: Aiden Gaugler (Sel) tech. fall Andrew Wolfganger (SM), 16-1, 4:40; Braden Bower (W) dec. Brett Thompson (B), 5-1.

138: Chandler Ho (D) tech. fall Austin Stugart (W), 15-0, 2:34; Luke Freeland (C) m. dec. Tristan Dilley (SM), 11-1.

145: Riley Bower (W) pinned Garrett Paradis (Sel), 1:34; Karson Kline (C) dec. Austin Mitchell (D), 4-2.

152: Roman Morone (W) pinned Josiah Foss (Sel), 2:24; Brady Smith (P) m. dec. Coltyn Sempko (Shik), 15-4.

160: Coy Bastian (Sel) pinned Wyatt Reorda (C), 1:34; Ryan Gildersleeve (D) dec. Drew Balestrini (Shik), 7-5.

172: Nick Crisp (SM) dec. Gage Wolfe (Shik), 6-3; Carter Chamberlain (C) dec. Sebastian Robinson (W), 4-2.

189: Hayden Kovalick (C) pinned Josh Miller (P), 4:15; Waylon Wehler (SM) dec. Steven Miller (Sel), 11-4.

215: Mark McGonigal (C) pinned Jeremy Garthwaite (SM), 1:34; Ryan Aument (Sel) dec. Adam Young (Shik), 3-2, UTB.

285: Nate Schon (Sel) tech. fall Blake VanKirk (Shik), 16-1; Oliver Billotte (C) dec. Charles Crewes (W), 5-4.

Consolation semifinals

106: Dysen Gould (P) pinned Blake Rising (Sel), 0:39; Alex Reed (Shik) pinned Isaac Beyer (SM), 0:46.

126: Nolan Barr (C) pinned Blaize Souder (Shik), 0:57.

132: Brett Thompson (B) pinned Justin Hand (C), 3:54; Andrew Wolfganger (SM) dec. Cadin Delaney (D), 4-1.

138: Sylvan Martin (Sel) dec. Austin Stugart (W), 8-1; Tristan Dilley (SM) dec. Nick Koontz (Shik), 6-3.

145: Caleb Yoder (Shik) pinned Austin Mitchell (D), 4:42.

152: Coltyn Sempko (Shik) dec. Logan Mosier (SM), 6-3; Josiah Foss (Sel) m. dec. Will Domico (C), 16-3.

160: Drew Balestrini (Shik) m. dec. Kaden Snelick (SM), 13-0; Wyatt Reorda (C) pinned Cascius Rissmiller (B), 2:09.

172: Ryan White (D) dec. Sebastian Robinson (W), 6-4; Gage Wolfe (Shik) pinned Cale Bastian (Sel), 0:56.

189: Steven Miller (Sel) pinned Mason Rebuck (Shik), 0:26; Josh Miller (P) pinned Ryan Dunlap (W), 1:50.

215: Zach Gallagher (D) dec. Adam Young (Shik), 9-4.

285: Blake VanKirk (Shik) pinned Ja’reese Stowe (D), 3:45.

Third-place matches

106: Alex Reed (Shik) pinned Dysen Gould (P), 2:10.

126: Nolan Barr (C) pinned Trent Turner (Sel), 0:44.

132: Brett Thompson (B) dec. Andrew Wolfganger (SM), 3-0.

138: Tristan Dilley (SM) pinned Sylvan Martin (Sel), 0:54.

145: Garrett Paradis (Sel) dec. Caleb Yoder (Shik), 7-0.

152: Coltyn Sempko (Shik) dec. Josiah Foss (Sel), 8-6.

160: Drew Balestrini (Shik) pinned Wyatt Reorda (C), 1:36.

172: Gage Wolfe (Shik) pinned Ryan White (D), 4:06.

189: Steven Miller (Sel) pinned Josh Miller (P), 2:48.

215: Zach Gallagher (D) dec. Jeremy Garthwaite (SM), 9-5.

285: Charles Crews (W) pinned) Blake VanKirk (Shik), 4:00.

Championship matches

106: Cael Nasdeo (W) tech. fall Evan Davis (C), 15-0, 3:35.

113: Luke Seagraves (W) pinned Ryan Gavason (Sel), 1:35.

120: Davey Aughenbaugh (D) dec. Devin Harris (W), 7-2.

126: Carter Weaver (W) m. dec. Brendan Orr (D), 13-1.

132: Braden Bower (W) dec. Aiden Gaugler (Sel), 9-2.

138: Chandler Ho (D) tech. fall Luke Freeland (C), 18-3, 5:24.

145: Riley Bower (W) by default over Karson Kline (C).

152: Roman Morone (W) pinned Brady Smith (P), 3:42.

160: Coy Bastian (Sel) m. dec. Ryan Gildersleeve (D), 15-5.

172: Nick Crisp (SM) m. dec. Carter Chamberlain (C), 12-3.

189: Waylon Wehler (SM) dec. Hayden Kovalick (C), 7-6.

215: Mark McGonigal (C) m. dec. Ryan Aument (Sel), 8-0.

285: Nate Schon (Sel) pinned Oliver Billotte (C), 3:34.

Second-place matches

106: Evan Davis (C) pinned Alex Reed (Shik), 0:25.

113: Ryan Gavason (Sel) dec. Devan Poe (B), 11-5.

132: Aiden Gaugler (Sel) dec. Brett Thompson (B), 3-0.

145: Karson Kline (C) dec. Garrett Paradis (Sel), 3-0.

172: Carter Chamberlain (C) pinned Gage Wolfe (Shik), 2:31.

189: Steven Miller (Sel) pinned Hayden Kovalick (C), 3:54.

215: Ryan Aument (Sel) dec. Zach Gallagher (D), 5-2.