Schon, Coy Bastian headed to Class 3A Super Regional Tournament

Schon, Coy Bastian headed to Class 3A Super Regional Tournament

By: Selinsgrove Athletics | Selinsgrove Athletics | February 27, 2021

ALTOONA — Nate Schon picked up two more emphatic victories to remain undefeated.

Selinsgrove classmate Coy Bastian had a bit of a tougher road Saturday, but both wrestlers performed well enough to advance to next week Class 3A West Super Regional back at Altoona High School

Schon began his day with a technical fall victory over State College’s Harrison Schoen in the 285-pound semifinals at the Class 3A Northwest Regional. He won his semifinal 19-3, just 10 seconds into the second period.

Schon followed that with a pin in 50 seconds in the final, besting Clearfield’s Oliver Billotte. It was a rematch of last week's District 4/9 final also won by Schon.

Schon, a senior, (34-0) won his third regional title.

Bastian finished as the regional runner-up for the fourth straight year, earning a 7-5 decision victory over General McLane’s Jackson Spires in a match for true second place at 160 pounds.

Bastian earned a 4-2 decision win over Cathedral Prep’s Kelyn Blossey to start his day in the quarterfinals, but was pinned by the eventual champion — Bellefonte’s Ethan Richner — in the semifinals.

The Seal bounced back with a dominant performance in the consolation semifinals, topping DuBois’ Ryan Gildersleeve by 10-1 major decision. That brought him to face a familiar opponent for third-place — Blossey.

Bastian again got the best of Blossey, this time winning by 3-1 decision. That left Bastian to hope Richner defeated Spires in the final. Richner defeated Spires by technical fall, which gave Bastian a chance.

Four other Seals competed at the regional tournament, but all four were eliminated in the consolation semifinals.

At 189 pounds, Steven Miller won his quarterfinal, but lost his next two matches. Ryan Gavason (113) and Aiden Gaugler (132) both lost in the quarterfinals, and won their first consolation match before losing in the next round. Ryan Aument (215) went 0-2, losing to the eventual champion in the first round.



at Altoona H.S.

Team standings and key

1. Bellefonte (Be) 119; 2. Williamsport (W) 114.5; 3. Cathedral Prep (CP) 111; 4. State College (SC) 110; 5. Mifflin County (MC) 58.5; (t)6. Altoona (Alt) 54; (t)6. Central Mountain (CM) 54; 8. Clearfield (Cl) 51; (t)9. DuBois (D) 47.5; (t)9. Selinsgrove (Sel) 47.5; 11. General McLane (GM) 31; 12. McDowell (Mc) 28; 13. Meadville (Me) 25; 14. Juniata (J) 15; (t)15. Punxsutawney (P) 14; (t)15. St. Marys (SM) 14; (t)17. Allderdice (All) 4; (t)17. Hollidaysburg (H) 4; (t)19. Brashear (Br) 0; (t)19. Obama Academy (OA) 0; (t)19. Westinghouse (W) 0.

(Top two advance to super regional)


106: Cael Nasdeo (W) dec. Logan Sallot (Mc), 7-0; Garrett Choates (Be) pinned Cameron Suzensky (OA), 0:31; Evan Davis (Cl) dec. Sam Staab (CP), 7-6.

113: Jacob Vandee (CP) pinned Ryan Gavason (Sel), 0:44; Aidan O’Shea (Be) pinned Santiago Bradbury (W), 0:34; Luke Seagraves (W) tech. fall Ben Watkins (GM), 16-0, 3:37.

120: Lane Aikey (Be) pinned Ethan Brest (GM), 0:51; Devin Harris (W) dec. Dylan Mayer (All), 5-2; Caleb Fasick (Alt) pinned Ian Irvin (CP), 5:09; Davey Aughenbaugh (D) pinned William Davenport (Br), 2:25.

126: Carter Weaver (W) tech. fall Alex Kinder (Me), 19-3, 4:13; Owen Woolcott (SC) pinned Ryan Barnard (Br), 1:27; Brendan Orr (D) dec. Phillip Stark (CP), 3-2; Luke Simcox (CM) pinned Colin Cooley (All), 0:39.

132: Pierson Manville (SC) tech. fall Aiden Gaugler (Sel), 20-3, 3:58; Westin Chess (Me) pinned Duane Cooper (W), 4:13; Jude Swisher (Be) dec. Braden Bower (W), 4-0.

138: Matt Sarbo (Alt) pinned Elijah Hunt (CP), 1:28; Troy Jacobson (All) dec. Luke Freeland (Cl), 5-4; Taylor Weaver (CM) dec. Logan Carrick (Mc), 7-4; Chandler Ho (D) tech. fall Jermaine Williamson (Br), 17-2, 2:33.

145: Karson Kline (Cl) dec. Griffin Walizer (CM), 6-4, SV.

152: Paniro Johnson (CP) pinned Carter Weaverling (SC), 0:54; Brady Smith (P) pinned Nate Lucas (All), 2:43; Rocco Serafini (CM) dec. Artis Simmons (Mc), 1-0.

160: Jackson Spires (GM) dec. Ryan Gildersleeve (D), 8-1; Campbell Walls (H) pinned Hussein Mganga (Br), 0:58; Coy Bastian (Sel) dec. Kelyn Blossey (CP), 4-2.

172: Trey Kibe (MC) pinned Owen Shetler (CP), 1:53; Carter Chamberlain (Cl) pinned Mateo Bradbury (W), 1:31; Lance Urbas (SC) m. dec. Magnus Lloyd (GM), 18-4.

189: Steven Miller (Sel) dec. Griffin Buzzell (Me), 11-4; Ethan Rossman (Be) pinned Bryan Allen (OA), 1:14; Waylon Wehler (SM) pinned James Laird (GM), 1:49.

215: Mark McGonigal (Cl) dec. Rhoan Woodrow (Me), 7-0; Ty Price (SC) pinned Bryson Jones (OA), 0:14; John Campbell (CP) m. dec. Ryan Aument (Sel), 15-3.

285: Harrison Schoen (SC) pinned Hamadi Muhina (Br), 0:21; Oliver Billotte (Cl) pinned Wilson Spires (GM), 1:00.


106: Cael Nasdeo (W) pinned Garrett Choates (Be), 0:58; Casey Smith (J) pinned Evan Davis (Cl), 0:54.

113: Jacob Vandee (CP) m. dec. Aidan O’Shea (Be), 12-3; Nic Allison (MC) pinned Luke Seagraves (W), 1:25.

120: Lane Aikey (Be) tech. fall. Devin Harris (W), 15-0, 3:32; Caleb Fasick (Alt) dec. Davey Aughenbaugh (D), 7-1.

126: Owen Woolcott (SC) dec. Carter Weaver (W), 10-5; Luke Simcox (CM) pinned Brendan Orr (D), 1:35.

132: Pierson Manville (SC) pinned Westin Chess (Me), 2:43; Jude Swisher (Be) dec. Kaeman Smith (CP), 8-3.

138: Matt Sarbo (Alt) pinned Troy Jacobson (All), 2:25; Chandler Ho (D) m. dec. Taylor Weaver (CM), 14-0.

145: Riley Bower (W) dec. Kyler Everly (MC), 5-0; Steffan Lynch (CP) m. dec. Karson Kline (Cl), 12-2.

152: Paniro Johnson (CP) pinned Brady Smith (P), 0:46; Roman Morone (W) dec. Rocco Serafini (CM), 8-1.

160: Jackson Spires (GM) dec. Campbell Walls (H), 7-2; Ethan Richner (Be) pinned Coy Bastian (Sel), 2:33.

172: Trey Kibe (MC) tech. fall Carter Chamberlain (Cl), 16-1, 4:09; Lance Urbas (SC) m. dec. Nick Crisp (SM), 9-1.

189: Ethan Rossman (Be) pinned Steven Miller (Sel), 1:25; Carson Manville (SC) tech. fall Waylon Wehler (SM), 18-3, 5:39.

215: Ty Price (SC) dec. Mark Mcgonigal (Cl), 3-2; John Campbell (CP) pinned Nikolas Miller (CM), 3:31.

285: Nate Schon (Sel) tech. fall Harrison Schoen (SC), 19-3, 2:10; Oliver Billotte (Cl) dec. Trevor Manley (Alt), 5-1.

Consolation quarterfinals

106: Logan Sallot (Mc) pinned Cameron Suzensky (OA), 0:20.

113: Ryan Gavason (Sel) pinned Santiago Bradbury (W), 0:42.

120: Dylan Mayer (All) m. dec. Ethan Brest (GM), 8-0; Ian Irvin (CP) pinned William Davenport (Br), 1:34.

126: Alex Kinder (Me) pinned Ryan Barnard (Br), 3:49; Phillip Stark (CP) pinned Colin Cooley (All), 0:30.

132: Aiden Gaugler (Sel) pinned Duane Cooper (W), 2:50.

138: Logan Carrick (Mc) pinned Jermaine Williamson (Br), 3:24; Elijah Hunt (CP) dec. Luke Freeland (Cl), 7-2.

152: Carter Weaverling (SC) pinned Nate Lucas (All), 2:00.

160: Ryan Gildersleeve (D) pinned Hussein Mganga (Br), 1:52.

172: Owen Shetler (CP) dec. Mateo Bradbury (W), 6-1.

189: Griffin Buzzell (Me) pinned Bryan Allen (OA), 4:07.

215: Rhoan Woodrow (Me) pinned Bryson Jones (OA), 0:31.

Consolation semifinals

106: Logan Sallot (Mc) inj. default Evan Davis (Cl); Garrett Choates (Be) m. dec. Sam Staab (CP), 10-2.

113: Luke Seagraves (W) tech. fall Ryan Gavason (Sel), 15-0, 3:00; Aidan O’Shea (Be) pinned Ben Watkins (GM), 0:43.

120: Davey Aughenbaugh (D) pinned Dylan Mayer (All), 4:30; Devin Harris (W) pinned Ian Irvin (CP), 0:59.

126: Brendan Orr (D) pinned Alex Kinder (Me), 3:45; Carter Weaver (W) dec. Phillip Stark (CP), 10-5.

132: Kaeman Smith (CP) dec. Aiden Gaugler (Sel), 9-2; Braden Bower (W) dec. Westin Chess (Me), 8-3.

138: Taylor Weaver (CM) pinned Elijah Hunt (CP), 4:29; Logan Carrick (Mc) dec. Troy Jacobson (All), 11-5.

145: Kyler Everly (MC) dec. Griffin Walizer (CM), 4-2, SV

152: Carter Weaverling (SC) dec. Rocco Serafini (CM), 9-5; Brady Smith (P) pinned Artis Simmons (Mc), 2:20.

160: Coy Bastian (Sel) m. dec. Ryan Gildersleeve (D), 10-1; Kelyn Blossey (CP) dec. Campbell Walls (H), 4-2.

172: Nick Crisp (SM) dec. Owen Shetler (CP), 1-0; Carter Chamberlain (Cl) dec. Magnus Lloyd (GM), 7-6.

189: James Laird (GM) dec. Steven Miller (Sel), 4-0; Griffin Buzzell (Me) dec. Waylon Wehler (SM), 7-0.

215: Mark McGonigal (Cl) dec. Ryan Aument (Sel), 7-1; Nikolas Miller (CM) pinned Rhoan Woodrow (Me), 3:35.

285: Trevor Manley (Alt) pinned Hamadi Muhina (Br), 0:13; Wilson Spires (GM) dec. Harrison Schoen (SC), 3-2.

Third-place matches

106: Logan Sallot (Mc) m. dec. Garrett Choates (Be), 9-0.

113: Aidan O’Shea (Be) pinned Luke Seagraves (W), 2:21.

120: Devin Harris (W) dec. Davey Aughenbaugh (D), 7-6.

126: Carter Weaver (W) dec. Brendan Orr (D), 6-3.

132: Braden Bower (W) dec. Kaeman Smith (CP), 9-7.

138: Taylor Weaver (CM) m. dec. Logan Carrick (Mc), 14-3.

145: Kyler Everly (MC) pinned Karson Kline (Cl), 0:52.

152: Carter Weaverling (SC) pinned Brady Smith (P), 3:49.

160: Coy Bastian (Sel) dec. Kelyn Blossey (CP), 3-1.

172: Nick Crisp (SM) dec. Carter Chamberlain (Cl), 7-3.

189: Griffin Buzzell (Me) pinned James Laird (GM), 0:10.

215: Nikolas Miller (CM) dec. Mark McGonigal (Cl), 4-2.

285: Trevor Manley (Alt) dec. Wilson Spires (GM), 3-1, SV.

Championship matches

106: Cael Nasdeo (W) dec. Casey Smith (J), 8-4.

113: Jacob Vandee (CP) m. dec. Nic Allison (MC), 14-2.

120: Lane Aikey (Be) m. dec. Caleb Fasick (Alt), 8-0.

126: Luke Simcox (CM) m. dec. Owen Woolcott (SC), 10-2.

132: Jude Swisher (Be) dec. Pierson Manville (SC), 7-6.

138: Matt Sarbo (Alt) dec. Chandler Ho (D), 7-2.

145: Riley Bower (W) dec. Steffan Lynch (CP), 6-2.

152: Paniro Johnson (CP) m. dec. Roman Morone (Williamsport), 13-3.

160: Ethan Richner (Be) tech. fall Jackson Spires (GM), 15-0, 5:24.

172: Trey Kibe (MC) dec. Lance Urbas (SC), 7-1.

189: Carson Manville (SC) dec. Ethan Rossman (Be), 2-1, TB2.

215: John Campbell (CP) dec. Ty Price (SC), 5-1.

285: Nate Schon (Sel) pinned Oliver Billotte (Clearfield), 0:50.

Second-place matches

106: Logan Sallot (Mc) dec. Casey Smith (J), 4-1.

113: Nic Allison (MC) dec. Aidan O’Shea (Be), 4-0.

120: Caleb Fasick (Alt) dec. Devin Harris (W), 10-3.

132: Braden Bower (W) dec. Pierson Manville (SC), 3-2.

145: Kyler Everly (MC) pinned Steffan Lynch (CP), 2:05.

152: Roman Morone (W) pinned Carter Weaverling (SC), 0:25.

160: Coy Bastian (Sel) dec. Jackson Spires (GM), 7-5.

189: Ethan Rossman (Be) dec. Griffin Buzzell (Me), 7-3.

215: Ty Price (SC) dec. Nikolas Miller (CM), 7-4.